CIOE Remembers Al Hollingsworth

It was with profound sadness I we learned of the death of my long time dear friend and colleague Al Hollingsworth on the weekend.

My heart goes out Al’s remaining children Pamela and Paul for yet another loss of a loved one over the past few months. First, a sister, then a mother, and now their father.

Al’s death has especially hit me hard as the two of us were among the original founders of CIOE. We spent many days breathing life into this unique radio station, finding the right location, formatting the station, recruiting fellow volunteers, scurrying around second hand shops to furnish CIOE on a shoestring budget.

What I will miss most about Al however is his sage advice, experience, loyalty, and professionalism as one of Nova Scotia’s most distinguished print journalists and broadcasters.

Al loved his craft and put his all into it every day. He was a huge supporter of East Coast Music and Country artists in particular. He was also a passionate supporter of all things Community and took great pride in CIOE’s accomplishments in both its musical and spoken word programming initiatives.

When Russell Grosse, our Vice Chairman and Technical Director, joined our management team shortly after CIOE went to air, it added great strength and diversity and experience to our operation and Al was extremely proud of Russell and what he brought to the table.

He was also very instrumental in Office Manager Donalda MacIsaac’s ongoing role at CIOE offering her advice and support and encouragement in launching her Advocacy Program Here And Now. Al and Donalda shared many common views of how to best serve the many community needs out there.

Al was one of a kind, professional to his backbone, cranky, outspoken, said it like it is, but had a heart of gold and rendered great advice and support to all his fellow volunteers. He was especially supportive and a fabulous mentor to the many student broadcasters that have passed through our doors and were fortunate enough to be exposed to their tough task master.

CIOE will never be the same without Al’s hands on presence, but we will never be less because of the legacy of excellence that Al instilled in all of us during the nearly eight years we were blessed to have him.

Al and his beloved Sharon blessed our airwaves together with their wonderful Gospel Show Vespers which anchored our Gospel Sunday multiple hours of Gospel Music. May the two of you rest in peace. You may be gone, but you will never be forgotten as you are forever in our heart.

Jim Robson
Chair, CIOE