East Coast Top 30

The weekly CIOE Top 30 countdown of East Coast Music broadcasts each week on Saturdays. Voting is open each week from Saturday at 6 pm AST – Thursday at 6 pm AST. Then on Saturdays listen to the chart live from 4 pm to 6 pm right here at communityradio.ca 

We want you to be involved! So we need your help in choosing the top 30 each week. Choose up to 20 of your favorite East Coast Tunes!

Current Chart Results

for the Week Ending April 15, 2023

This WeekArtistSongLast Week# of WeeksPeak
1Elyse AerynCriminal251 (3)
2BrigidMake Me Stay4121 (2)
3Myles DavidsonCall Me If You’re Sad6151 (1)
4Dave CarrollShelter From The Storm7154
5Raglan RoadPour It Black965
6Adam MakBainNot That Bad8134
7Hearts Of KinHijack5131 (2)
8Stacie LynnMirrors1078
930 RussellEh-Oh1239
10IYARIWait For U14710
11Peach on a beachPizza Corner1779
13Brian DoucetteLight It Up151313
14Joe H HenryKeep The Fire Burning24214
15Piner (Pai-nr)A Part Of ItRE58
16Apryll Aileen Fall With Grace181513
17Jon HinesCan’t Take It With You 19417
18Darcy ScottEnough 13613
19Natasha SophiaWhy Do IRE519
20COMPOSITBleed Between The Lines*120
21Shirley JacksonJust Like Heaven23221
22JMN Through The Night feat Michelle CalderRhythm Magic (Livin’ Off The Beat)271316
23Kylie FoxConfetti*123
24Maurice AucoinAnd I’ll Be There2566
25Mary Beth CartyTow Truck SongRE138
26Terra SpencerMr. MRE522
27rsununsee it (can’t)*127
28Matt AndersenOnly An Island*129
29Sylvie Marie feat. Jeremy OuthouseBlue Bayou*129
30Lisa RichardSunday Confessions*130