Welcome to the CIOE 2022 wrap up of the Top 100 songs of the year.

The CIOE 2022 Top 100

1Classified feat. Breagh Isabel and Brett MatthewsAll About You (Retrospected)
2KINLEYSweet Oblivion
3Tim BakerLucky Few
4LovietBroken Lips
5Michelle RyderHurts Gonna Come
6Myles DavidsonLady Grey
7Elyse AerynUnder My Skin
8Alison RebeccaWhat About Me
9BrigidSomeone Like Her
10Adam MakBainBeautiful Boring
11Wild Blue RoseNowhere Train
12Apryll Aileen Wasted On Your Love
13E.B. Anderson 26 Ghosts
14Carleton StonePapercut
15StilldogsHard Times
16The East PointersStronger Than You Know
17Apryll Aileen Eazy Love
18Tide & TimbreI Could Do This All Night
19Rachel CousinsFor Myself
20Neon DreamsIt’s All Good
21Dave GunningFisher Of These Waters
22Callehan feat. Brian DoucetteThe Boxing Rock
23Izra FitchStay
24Summer BennettCarsick
25Peach on a beachBeeping and Bleeping
26Shaun Morrison That Line
27Jenna-Marie GallantThe Innocent Man
28David MylesWalk With Me
29Alan Doyle & Keith PowerWe Will Always Be Home
30Willa OwenSundown
31Carleton StoneIce Age
32KINLEYEiffel Tower
33Blue In Tokio & Quake MatthewsSunshine State
34Reeny SmithGoodbye
35Terra Spencer & Ben CaplanGood Friends
36Brooklyn BlackmoreMissin’ The Moon
37Jamal TinkovLet’s Be Friends
38Hearts Of KinTiny House
39Isabella SamsonLove Takes You Home
40Chris RyanLet's See What This Thing Can Do
41Ria MaeThe Old Me
42Owen ‘O’Sound’ Lee feat. ClassifiedTalk Dat Talk
43Tony Trimper with Noreen Smith & Bob StrachanGod Forgive Me
44Laurie LittleJust Come Home
45JMN Through The NightEnough Is Enough
46Mick Davis & Thin LoveHey, That’s Alright
47Matt SteeleVintage Photo Filter
48Callehan Canada’s Pirate Queen
49Michael S. RyanYou and Me
50Maurice AucoinBring Me Down
51The FlakesWhen I Get It
52Mini Grimace & Mark FahieEyes Wide Open
53Ria MaePlease Don’t Go
54StoneHouseHoney Bee
55Quote The RavenNever Is An Awfully Long Time
56Tony Trimper feat. Terra Spencer & Ryan RobertsBlue Eyes Crying In The Rain
57Club SundayDon’t Say It
58Soul FilterThe City Knows
59Classified Day Doesn’t Die
60Elyse AerynWildcard
61Adam RuzzoTickle Cove
62Jester J. BrownMississippi River
63Alicia Toner feat. Joey LandrethTonight
64The GilbertsListen Closely
65FrailNird (Nothing I’d Rather Do)
66Kristen MartellQuiet Hearts
67Julie and DannyBe With Me Tonight
68DeeDee Austin16
69Good Dear GoodIf I Can
70Dennis Ellsworth feat. Rose CousinsCome Back To Me
71Neon DreamsLittle Dance
72Haliey SmithFall In Love
73Brooklyn BlackmorePaint The Sky
74Lisa RichardNews You Can Use
75The NovaksStrange Children
76Nick Earle Born To Lose
77Tara MacLeanIf I Fall (Sparrow Version)
78Farewell Town feat. Elyse SaundersHalf Empty Bottle
79Tom BedellSaint John River
80Hazen HallsWhen Boat Painting Becomes A Rescue Mission
81Rose CousinsBegin Again
82Adam StapleSuperAntiHero
83Eric Stephen MartinCan’t You Hear Me Sigh
84Nicole ArianaCrybaby
85Matt AndersenOther Side Of Goodbye
86Dylan DevoeThe Island
87AquakultureI Doubt It (Tape Notes Remix)
88The Corvette SunsetThe Rules
89Andre Pettipas & The GiantsOvertime
90Daniel James McFadyenMr. Lipless
91Stewart LegereWhere We Are Going
92Braden Lam feat. Wolf CastleSilence
93Sylvie MarieRespect Mother Earth
94Jenn SheppardSix More Weeks Of Winter
95The Town HeroesThe Walk
96ShayeSilver Civic
97James LingleyWalking On The Frozen Ground
98George Woodhouse and The Public ServiceLost Soul Rodeo
99Jennifer MacDonaldI'm Home - A Cape Breton Love Song
100Justin Maki with Partick & DanielsNew Years